[heading size=”5″ heading_class=”content_heading”]COMPANY HISTORY[/heading]

Our journey started in 1982 in Slovenia/Ljubljana. With just one truck we grew in matter of years to a corporate that employees over 500 workers in 10 different countries.

[heading size=”5″ heading_class=”content_heading”]COMPANY VISION[/heading]

We are striving for excellence in everything we do, driven by a sense of urgency and a wish to meet all your needs. This personal features are our corporate signature.

[heading size=”5″ heading_class=”content_heading”]OUR MISSION[/heading]

Transport is committed to ensuring customers’ needs for quality shipping, logistics and truck service are understood and met. We deliver on our promises with precision and guarantee.

[heading size=”5″ heading_class=”content_heading”]EXPANDING GOAL[/heading]

We currently strive to open 4 more locations in 3 different countries. By 2017 we want to move to rail, air and sea transport. With that kind of network we will be able to cover global industry.

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